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Last night I attended the Talk Is Cheap 2.0 unconference, hosted by Centennial College. I went into the evening thinking I had a good understanding of social media and its uses, and in my previous post I wrote about how I went on a search to find out more about the latest trends. However, last night told me there’s always a lot more to learn out there and it’s becoming vital that I do.

There were quite a few points from the night that I found interesting. The most important one would have to be from the Inside PR live podcast session. I believe it was Joseph Thornley, CEO at Thornley Fallis, who mentioned to the panel that if he received a CV and it was the first time he’d heard from that person, he wouldn’t even consider him or her for the job. The point that he and Julie Rusciolelli, President/Founder of Maverick PR, would go on to make was that it’s important for young PR professionals, like myself, to get noticed by networking. Now everyone knows networking is essential and that’s how most people get their jobs, but nowadays networking includes: tweeting, blogging and commenting on blogs in addition to the traditional methods.

When I heard this I quite honestly became a little worried. At the same time, it provided me with a challenge I felt, and still feel that I’m up for. I spend quite a lot of my time online, so doing a little networking here and there while at the computer isn’t at all out of my comfort zone. I might have gone a little overkill last night adding a bunch of blogs I intend to read to my new Google reader application; while I may not get to all of them on a daily basis, I intend to read and comment on quite a few.

I’d like to add that Talk Is Cheap 2.0 was a great success and my instructors Barry Waite and Christine Smith put on a great event. I’d also like to say my CC & PR classmates did an excellent job with organizing everything last night, and prior to the event, too. Can’t wait for next year!


Lately I’ve been scavenging the Internet for the latest in social networking sites, blogs, podcasts, you name it. Going into the field of communications means I need to be up on the latest trends, so I can understand how people are communicating with one another. Other than Facebook I’ve never really bothered to look into these new kinds of web trends, but I’ve been pretty interested and I’m now diving right in.

At the beginning of September I created my twitter page at InSeansOpinion. I’d heard a bit about the site during the summer and thought I’d give it a go. For the first month, it was kind of slow; I had a couple friends but I wasn’t really paying attention to my account. In October I began to use it a little bit more, but I became more interested at the beginning of this month. After a class visit to Canada News Wire (CNW) where we were given a presentation about social media and ways communications professionals use the Internet as a tool, I took it upon myself to get involved in the online world a little more.

Since then I’ve begun this blog. This is my second post and I’m excited about where I want to go with it. Next semester in my post-grad course at Centennial College, we’ll be setting up our own PR-themed blogs, so I thought I’d get a head start on that front. The hardest part about creating this blog was coming up with a name! I like the one I’ve chosen (after the movie), but I’m not too sure which answer I feel like giving when I have to explain its significance (but that’s for another time!).

While doing some research for a graduate interview I’ll be conducting on Monday, I came across a podcast starring Amber MacArthur, who I’ve seen on CP24 and once or twice on MTV. She does regular tech segments on television, but I never knew how much she did online; I think I’ve come across two or three different things so far. Her show is called CommandN and it airs every friday. The show discusses all things to do with the web, with sometimes a little too much focus on iPhone gadgets for my liking though. The show got me interested and I’m on the lookout for more! If anyone has any podcasts they’d like to share please feel free to do so.

I think I’m doing pretty well after my week long scavenger hunt. There are still a few more things like del.ici.ous and LinkedIn that I’m still getting the hang of though. The whole Internet communications thing can be a little overwhelming and I’m just trying to find my niche in it.

Working in a company unfortunately means there are a lot of alliances and enemies, not unlike a popular reality show or two. When you work with someone who doesn’t particularly like you, or for whatever reason you don’t like how they handle certain situations, there are a few options you can take to resolve it.

If a manager or someone higher up on the food chain complains about something you’ve done, with regards to your job, what can you do? Is it worth fighting for? Depending on the situation, you might lose your job and be in a lot more trouble than you were when you started. Generally I’d say if it isn’t an issue that affects you on an ethical, moral or personal level, then it probably isn’t worth fighting for and you’d be better off in the long run just letting it slide.

It can get pretty easy though to get caught in habit of being a “yes” man or woman; that’s not where you want to be placed. As a member of the organization’s communications department, it’s important to make sure your opinions as a trained professional are taken seriously. Just because a manager doesn’t particularly agree with what you’re saying, doesn’t mean you should accept their opinion as the only answer.

It’s always good to develop a solid understanding of what your boss wants from the get go. Once you see how they like or dislike things you can begin to effectively manage how they treat you. This way you know when to back off and when to push for what you want.

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