Working in a company unfortunately means there are a lot of alliances and enemies, not unlike a popular reality show or two. When you work with someone who doesn’t particularly like you, or for whatever reason you don’t like how they handle certain situations, there are a few options you can take to resolve it.

If a manager or someone higher up on the food chain complains about something you’ve done, with regards to your job, what can you do? Is it worth fighting for? Depending on the situation, you might lose your job and be in a lot more trouble than you were when you started. Generally I’d say if it isn’t an issue that affects you on an ethical, moral or personal level, then it probably isn’t worth fighting for and you’d be better off in the long run just letting it slide.

It can get pretty easy though to get caught in habit of being a “yes” man or woman; that’s not where you want to be placed. As a member of the organization’s communications department, it’s important to make sure your opinions as a trained professional are taken seriously. Just because a manager doesn’t particularly agree with what you’re saying, doesn’t mean you should accept their opinion as the only answer.

It’s always good to develop a solid understanding of what your boss wants from the get go. Once you see how they like or dislike things you can begin to effectively manage how they treat you. This way you know when to back off and when to push for what you want.