Three months ago, I had very little to no clue about many things to do with planning an event. Objectives, Critical paths, detailed budgets (assumed and actual) and work breakdown structures all seemed, for the most part, quite foreign to me.

Now as I’m entering the final two weeks of semester one in the Corporate Communications program, the fog covering the world of communications is lifting. Thanks in large part to classes like Event Management, I’m finding myself able to think strategically, determine my audience, create measurable objectives, breakdown work into manageable tasks and create budgets to keep finances on task.

Today marked the end of Event Management class for my team, which was responsible for organizing a professional development day for the class. An annual event, Corporate Communications & Public Relations Day is given randomly through a draw to one  of the groups in September. The day long event is up to the group in charge, as long as it incorporates CC & PR development.

In our final class today we discussed in our presentation how everything sorted itself out. It was kind of amazing how in such a short period of time were able to discuss the things I’ve mentioned with such ease. The college experience, as I’m seeing it for the second time (I graduated from Centennial College’s Journalism program), is all about learning through hands-on assignments. We could’ve simply been taught budgets or work breakdown structures in theory, and had more content because of it. However, not only are we taught in class, we’re told to take that lesson and apply it to something like our events. It’s not hard to see the benefits there. Applying the skills learned while still in school allows for us students to learn from our mistakes and build on our accomplishments, without much “real world” trouble coming our way, like being fired from our boss.

After we finished our presentation to the class, I felt relieved that everything was officially complete. The stresses, deadlines, organizing and crisis management was over. I enjoyed putting together the day for the class and seeing the fruits of my group’s labours end in a successful event. That being said, the stresses, deadlines, organizing and crisis management issues seem like a thing of the distant past and I’m ready to get back at it again because the successful end result outweighs the sometimes bumpy road to it.