televisionWhen watching television, do you ever get the impression that what’s on the main networks for the most part isn’t that great anymore? Sure there are a few winners still out there like LOST, The Office or let’s say Heroes (that’s a questionable one at best). I’m not claiming to watch everything out there, but I’ve found that shows on HBO, Showtime and even AMC are looking quite a bit more appealing than the networks.

Is it because these cable shows have cuss words or nekkid folk? I do think that adds a bit to the realism (if done right) by taking away the clean-cut view of TV, which allows it to connect with a lot more people. Real life doesn’t have a laugh track, or catchy phrases when someone is about to swear; these things happen and cable shows aren’t afraid to go there. When networks bring these shows over I lose it! They cut a whole bunch of stuff out because it’s deemed inappropriate for audiences. I say if you have to change it, then don’t cross it over to the network side!

Like I said I still enjoy a few shows on the networks. I’m sure I’ll continue to like the new ones they bring out year after year, but the shows I watch on cable are quickly moving up in my favourite ranks. Here are my top 5 currently running cable shows you shouldn’t be missing:

5. Weeds

weeds_posterWeeds is a show about a single mother (Mary Louise Parker, seen in picture) who makes a living selling weed to the people of Agrestic, California. To continue living the lifestyle they were accustomed to before her husband died, she sells marijuana to her neighbours. The story revolves around the many ordeals she has to go through with her family and neighbours. It started in 2005 and is still going strong with a fourth season coming up this year.

4. True Blood

trueblood_poster True Blood follows Sookie Stackhouse, a Louisana waitress and mind reader. Oh and the series also has a lot of vampires (and I forsee many other creatures) too. Vampires are “out of the coffin” so to speak. The Japanese perfected a blood drink that provides them with the same nutrients as humans would. So now Vampires are out in the open and have to deal with the many prejudices built up against them over the course of history. Sookie also has to deal with this because she quickly becomes involved with Bill Compton, a Vampire who everyone in the small town see’s as responsible for the mysterious murders happening under their noses. Season one just wrapped up and I’m anxiously awaiting season two!

3. Mad Men

madmen Mad Men is a show that takes place in the early 1960s. It chronicles the lives of the people who work at Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency on Madison Avenue in New York City. The show mainly focuses on star ad man Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and his affairs with women, as well as his mysterious past that slowly gets revealed as the show goes on. Another interesting character for me is Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss), who is a woman trying to move up in the ranks of a man’s world at a time when that rarely happened. Season three of the show has been picked up and it’ll last quite a few years because the entire cast puts in a great performance each episode and if you’re not watching it, you should be!

2. Entourage

entourage_cast_86321I’m sure many people know what’s up with this show. It’s about Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) and his crew from New York, who is living the goodlife as a Hollywood movie star. The show goes through the success and failures of Vincent as he tries to move into the Hollywood elite. This past season saw the show slow down a bit in my opinion, but I still have faith in its writers to pull through and make it the success it once was.

1. Dexter

dexter_posterIf you enjoy Miami, crime shows, murderous twists and sociopathic killers, then Dexter is for you! Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) is a blood splatter analyst with Miami-Dade Police Department, but that’s not the most interesting part. Dexter went through, let’s say, a tough childhood. His mother was brutally murdered in a shipping container and him and his brother were left in a pool of her blood until they were saved by Harry, who became Dexter’s adopted father (what happened to Dexter’s brother you asked? Well watch and find out!). Harry trained Dex to hone his murderous feelings and use his powers for good, not evil. This leads to the best part about the show. Dexter is a sociopath who only kills people who have done terrible things. To be killed, they must meet his “code” which Harry set out for him when he was younger. As with Entourage, this past season wasn’t the greatest, but Dexter will come back with better storylines next season, I just know it!

So now that you’ve managed to read through my fave 5 cable shows, what are your top 5 shows on television right now? If they’re cable or network it doesn’t matter, just let me know! I’m always willing to watch something new!