So there it is. The iPod Touch has finally managed to weasel its way on to my blog. If I wasn’t getting it for free I’d feel kind of gross.

Back in the day I used to be anti-iPod, and I refused to fall into Apple’s trap and buy one. Eventually I caved to peer pressure and the fact that the Nano was much smaller in size made the decision easier. The only drawback was going from a 30GB player to a 4GB one, but I’ve realized I don’t listen to that much music at a time anyway and it’s not that big of a deal updating my iPod.

Fast forward a few years

Thanks to a little bit of luck and many votes from friends and colleagues, I won a contest that will see me as “President for the day” at Centennial College.

Sometime in the near future (date to-be-confirmed), I’ll be spending a day with college President Ann Buller. I guess I’ll get to see what goes into her day and find out more about what her job entails. It should be a great learning experience and I’m looking forward to it.

Sometime during that day I’ll receive my link to mobile social networking, the iPod Touch. I’m not sure what generation or how much space, and frankly that doesn’t matter much. I’m really interested in exploring all the apps that it has to offer. From writing my blog to facebook and twitter, I’ll be able to stay connected anywhere I go (provided there’s a WiFi connection nearby).

Even forgetting what the WiFi connection brings to the table, I’m still pretty excited about my new toy. During my commute from Scarborough to the East York campus, I have enough time to watch a TV show or two, or I can split a movie into a few parts. I can see my Bus/RT/Subway ride getting a little more entertaining!

Because I’m pretty ignorant of what Apple has to offer with many of its apps I want you to help me decide. If you have an iPod Touch or iPhone, what app is your favourite and why should I buy/download it? I’m talking games, tools, books, social media, ANYTHING. This is your chance to convince me! (And help me out a little, I can’t lie)

Visit the Apple app store here!