Thanks to a recent internship application and the beginning of my career management course this semester, I’ve been focusing a lot on tailoring my resume and cover letter to reflect my personal brand. I’ve written them before but with the perspective on branding I’ve picked up this past semester, I see the task in a completely new light.

Going into the public relations field I’ll have to sell plans, initiatives, stories etc. to managers, media and clients. To do so, I have to get the job first. Everyone knows the first thing read about an applicant is the cover letter. I’m sure everyone also knows the cover letter is checked for spelling errors, and passing that, the key words and phrases mentioned in the job description. What’s next is how I can prove I’m worth it to at least get called in for an interview, and that’s where knowing my personal brand comes in.

In my case, I’m looking at places to do my internship. I hope to find a place that will give me plenty of quality experience and one that suits the goals I want to achieve in my career. Hopefully that place will be one that utilizes social media and many other useful instruments on the Internet; a place that has varied portfolios for me to work on to keep things busy and interesting; most importantly, a place that allows for creativity and has a fun, relaxing atmosphere to work in. I’m a person who’s tech savvy and forward thinking; I like to keep busy or else I get bored pretty easily; I’m someone who, given the type of workplace, likes to have a fun time and be creative in the process; those are all parts of my brand.

I’ve found it helpful to first flush out what I bring to the table before checking out a position. If I go somewhere and I feel like I’m clashing with the identity of the company, then I won’t be comfortable working there. In the end I’d like to work at a place that suits my personal brand, on top of allowing me to learn and grow to become an expert in my field.

Original “Branding” image from the photobucket site of sayasatria.