With my time spent on twitter I see a lot of links coming my way. Many I don’t really pay attention to, but some like Momentile, one of the latest photo-posting sites, catch my eye.

As the site says, “The sole purpose of this service is to provide a means for people to chronicle their days and share their experiences, with as little effort as possible.”

So in essence, it’s like twitter, but not as noisy, and it uses pictures.


Right now the site is in its beta format, so to join you need to get an invite from a member. Because the site piqued my interest, I wanted to sign up and test it out. I then pleaded with twitter folks to “Direct Message” (DM) me an invite. Thankfully my calls were answered and for a little over two weeks now I’ve been chronicling my days with little photo snippets.

Why is the site so great?

Thanks to my photography classes taken during my days in Journalism school, my passion for taking photos has grown. Granted the pictures I post to my Momentile aren’t the most artsy of shots, and they’re usually taken with my 2.0 mp cell phone. I still feel some sense of accomplishment after posting my daily picture to the site, and I’d like to think my eye for photography is becoming more honed because of it.

Another pro of the site is that it makes me be a lot more observant. Whether I’m walking down the road for a coffee, or taking the bus to school, I’m constantly on the lookout for an object or incident that will capture my eye.

If you’re wondering how the site is a useful social media tool, wonder no more. With somewhat creepy titles of “stalker” and “stalkee” users are able to “stalk” friends or interesting people. They can then interact with them through writing captions for their pictures.

Finally, at the end of the year I’ll be able to look back at the hundreds of photos I’ll have taken. They may just be tiny snippets of my day, but it’ll still be special none the less, because sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact.

If you feel inclined to join the site, DM me on twitter and I’ll be happy to send you an invite.