It’s that time of year again. A time when inboxes at agencies and other communications offices will soon be bombarded with the resumes and cover letters of junior communicators-to-be.

For students, this is a stressful time of year. We’re deciding on potential placements that will be the starting line for many of our careers. I consider myself the-office-oscar-returnsextremely fortunate to have pieces from TTC and Toronto EMS to put in my portfolio to maybe help me along the way, but that doesn’t make me any less stressed.

Before we made our potential placement selections, National PR‘s Talent Retention and Acquisition Manager Sandra Upeslacis spoke to my Career Management class, taught by Barry Waite. Her visit helped see what someone like herself is looking for when taking on interns.

Some tips Sandra passed on to the class:

  • Don’t embellish your resume – if you’re starting out in the business, SAY SO
  • When going for a job, say PR is your passion. If you have dreams of becoming a head chef, don’t put that as your passion.
  • Use experiences in previous non-PR jobs when applying
  • Research the organization prior to applying/interview
  • Pick a place that suits your lifestyle
  • Ask a lot of questions during the interview

The most memorable piece of information Sandra passed on was, “It’s really important to follow what you’re passionate about. Try and stay as close to your dream as possible.”

Since finishing high school and beginning my job at the candy factory I still work at, I’ve been telling myself not to settle. If it’s something I’m not passionate about, then it’s not worth doing. For our internships, some of us may have to settle for something we didn’t really have at the top of our list for one reason or another.

That brings me to my question(s).

Do you think an internship will determine what sector of Corporate Communications or Public Relations we end up in? Is it still early enough in our career to transition to any sector of the business smoothly?