If you’re interested in new media like podcasting, blogging, tweeting, or pretty much anything ending in ‘2.0’ then you probably know about the popular (and free!) PodCamp Toronto, at the Rogers Communications Centre at Ryerson University on February 21 and 22.

For those who aren’t familiar with the event, it’s an ‘unconference.’ For those who aren’t familiar with what at an unconference is, I’ll try my best to explain. From my experience at Talk is Cheap 2.0, held at Centennial College in the fall, it’s a group of short seminars, each discussing aspects of the unconference’s topic; in this case, new media. People from the community come together to discuss various issues and trends in the field, and meet with new connections or reconnect with old colleagues.

I’ve been looking forward to PodCamp Toronto for quite some time now. Recently the schedule for the weekend was released and I’ve made my tentative choices for what seminars I want to visit.

Which seminars will you be visiting and why? Maybe I’ll change my mind with a little persuasion.


Building Relationships with Word of Mouth and PR Practitioners While Maintaining Credibility with Your Audience

Presented by Anita Clarke, David Jones, Eden Spodek and Matthew Stradiotto, moderated by Keith McArthur.

Live from PodCamp…it’s Inside PR

Hosted by Terry Fallis, David Jones and Martin Waxman

Creating a collaborative work environment

Hosted by Chrissy Chrzan & Russ Morgan of Espresso

Social Media for Nonprofits: challenges, opportunities and successes

Hosted by Elena Yunusov and Jane Zhang of TechSoup Canada

Government 2.0. A discussion on the expanding role of social media and government/citizen interaction, right here in Canada.

Facilitated by Mike Kujawski

Podcasting in foreign lands

Hosted by Michelle Sullivan

This Week in Geek LIVE!

Hosted by Steve “Snowball” Saylor, Mike “The Birdman” Dodd and David “Double D” Denis from This Week in Geek.

I Got the Job because of Social Media

Social Media and Higher Ed

Hosted by Wayne MacPhail and Frances Willick

Jedi mind tricks & you – Overcoming fear, mistrust & resistance to implementing social media.
Hosted by Mark Farmer
If you haven’t already, remember to visit the site and register!