Social media is more than just meeting people and sharing random thoughts. The more I immerse myself in the world,Social connection the more I realize the possibilities for people to connect are endless.

One of my tasks at my internship is posting stories to a website that would be of interest to associations and non-profit organizations in the UK. I have the responsibility to choose the story to be posted, as long as it has a wide-ranging audience.

A much needed peer support network

One interesting piece that stood out for me was on Community Newswire. The article profiles, a new social media site dedicated to connecting HIV/AIDS patients and caregivers with one another. An interesting quote from the story that stands out for me comes from Emma Coyler, director of Body and Soul, a UK charity formed in 1996, that supports families living and dealing with HIV/AIDS.

“ offers the opportunity of a much-needed peer support network for people living with HIV, including those who do not want to use group support, those who do not have access to local support, or simply those who are looking for new ways to deal with living with HIV,” Coyler said.

It makes sense that a social media site would be the perfect arena for people who may not feel comfortable connecting in person. It’s a great way to share the ups and downs of their day-to-day life and receive an empathetic ear from other patients, or caregivers.

I know this is just one of many examples, but do you have one you’d like to share? It would be a great idea so shine a light and post about a social media initiative like, so you can spread the word and raise awareness.