For the past eight weeks I’ve been spending my days interning as the public relations specialist at Agito Internet Marketing. It’s hard to imagine my last day is on Friday; man, how time flies.Internship finish line

Spending eight weeks in an internship really didn’t seem like it would give me enough time to do anything substantial. I spent four months interning at the TTC when I finished Journalism school. That was a great amount of time and I learned quite a bit in the Public Affairs department – though I have to say I wasn’t a fan of the massive Internet blocking that went on there.

As I get ready to cross the finish line of my time at Agito, I can say I’ve learned a lot about the world of online marketing. Before coming in, I thought I had a solid grasp on writing online content. It turns out what I learned in my Online PR class helped a lot, but only began to crack the surface.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) definitely takes up the biggest chunk of knowledge I’ve learned in the eight weeks. And just how I put it into practice?

  • SEM white paper – What a better way to learn about a subject than to help write a document that explains its uses? The white paper can be used for Agito’s clients if they wish to learn more about SEM.
  • Online news releases – They aren’t all about getting the story out. Optimizing content for the end customer to read is one of the most important parts. Think of online releases as content for a website (like this blog). You need keywords, along with proper hyperlinking so search engines get the juice to prop up your release on the results pages of Google News orYahoo! News; this of course leads to more eyes reading them.
  • Online news release primer – The gist is that it tells Agito clients how they can benefit them versus using traditional news releases (and posting them online without the optimizing). Writing this primer let me combine my experience writing online releases with my already solid knowledge of regular old releases.

If you’ve been regularly reading my blog, you can see I’m a keener for all things online and social media. I’ve heard a lot of conversations and read many articles on how being online savvy is important to succeeding in this new world of business. While I haven’t been able to do a lot of PR/social media combos other than guest blogging at Agito, what I’ve gained has shown me what actually goes into the writing online content and why that content has to be written, placed and linked where it is.

I hope the next road I travel down gives me the same experiences I’ve had at Agito and allow me to grow “Brand ‘Me'”. I’m anxious to apply it to PR/marketing initiatives like community building, event planning, media relations and a whole chunk of other experiences. Now time for the job hunt!