wordpressNo I’m not deleting my blog or moving to another platform.

You might have noticed I purchased my domain name, finally. No longer will you have to type in that .wordpress any more! My blog’s name is long enough as it is, so the addition had to go.

Seriously though, I decided to buy the domain name because I plan on making more of a commitment to blogging. I figure if I have a financial investment in it (even if very minimal), it’ll force me to keep up my writing.

Another thing I’m looking to upgrade is the CSS editing. I often get frustrated with not being able to do some things because I can’t edit my page. So, that may be on the horizon, but I haven’t cracked yet, so I’m holding off.

Anyway, I look forward to blogging for a long time because it’s something I really enjoy doing. I also look forward to your continued reading of my posts on burnafterblogging.com!