wallflowerAfter reading Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, I knew it’d stick with me and I’d probably have a few posts coming out of it. Well here’s post number two:

According to Li and Bernoff, wallflowers (in this context people who read content but do not necessarily comment on it) make up a significant portion of the viewers to a site or specifically a blog like mine.  It’s taken me a while to appreciate the wallflower and what they bring to the table, but I think I’ve finally come around.

One of the reasons is thanks to the pretty extensive stats WordPress offers users. It shows my daily, weekly and monthly readers, as well as what links are clicked (one thing it doesn’t do is tell me if visitors are unique or how long they stick around).

I’m not naïve enough to think each visitor is a unique one and they’re all reading my content thoroughlly. However, if I’m seeing a lot of people come to my blog through my Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn links, then I know they’re there for a reason, and didn’t happen to stumble on my blog.

When those stats rise on any given day, it makes me happy to see traffic and hopefully people enjoying my content. This, along with my love of writing, is enough of a reason to keep going.

I respect you wallflowers and I hope you keep visiting!

I understand what it’s like to be a wallflower. For the longest time I hardly commented on blog postings. If I got far enough to actually write something, I’d erase it before clicking ‘post’ because I didn’t feel what I had to say mattered. The more I took part in the online world, the more I realized that commenting is just as important as writing my blog. Engaging in conversation is what all this is about and if you’re not commenting on other peoples’ blogs, what reason do they have to comment on yours?

To all wallflowers out there:

  • If you’re hesitant about posting something, don’t be.
  • If you get nervous that someone may think your comment isn’t worthwhile, don’t. That likely won’t be the case, and even if it was, there’s always someone out there who can take value from what you have to say, so say it.
  • If you disagree with what myself or someone else writes, by all means disagree! Discussion is what makes these things tick; if everyone agrees, what fun is that?

Looking forward to your comments!