I recently checked out my Twitter stats on TweetStats.com, a great site if you want to see how your Twitter usage breaks down. In one of the tabs at the top, it lets you see a “Tweet Cloud”, with or without @replies. I noticed the option to make a Wordle, like the ones below, of the Tweet Cloud. It’s a cool site that lets you input any text into clouds that look far more interesting than these below.

This first Wordle is for my Twitter account, as if that wasn’t plainly obvious thanks to the big “rt“:


Next up, I decided to copy all the text from my blog entries to see what it would look like. As you can see, I like to write about people and social media quite a lot:

Burnafterblogging Wordle

The downside is, like I said, I had to go to my site and copy all the text from my posts. The Wordle site lets you input a link to your website, but I think it only takes what’s on the main page. I wanted my entire content looked at so unless I missed something, I had to go copy it all myself.