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RogersLogoThe big news, as many of you may have read or heard, has been my new position as the newest member of Rogers’ Social Media and Digital Communications team. It’s a two-month internship position and I’m nearly done my 2nd week. I’m now the fifth member of the team and from the postings on Rogers’ website, there look to be more social media folk joining in the near future.

I’m very excited about the opportunity, which kind of just fell into my lap. Rogers is committed to “taking the leap”, as it were, and joining the online conversations happening about its many, many brand extensions. The department only began seven months ago, with the hiring of Keith McArthur who, along with Rob Manne, are now the well known faces of Rogers on Twitter. That along with other social media projects make me excited about my time here and all of the potential things I may get to do.

I plan to make the most of my experiences at Rogers and I’ll keep blogging away about the things I’m learning, as I always have – hopefully the frequency will get back to where it should be.


This weekend in Lafayette, Indiana three guys are planting themselves on a couch and holding a Mario Marathon.pixel mario

They’re playing all the Super Mario games from the original, Super Mario Bros. to the latest, Super Mario Galaxy. I found out about it from at Mashable tweet yesterday afternoon and thought it was a really cool concept and I love the Mario franchise, myself.

The marathon began last year spawning from a guy named Cameron Banga and his group of friends who held a 48-hr 3D Legend of Zelda marathon. They ended up raising $2,477 (according to for Child’s Play, a charity started by the guys at, a popular gaming website.

Child’s Play is “a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in our network of over 60 hospitals worldwide.”

Last year, the guys at Mario Marathon helped raise $11,676 for the charity, and as I’m writing this, they have raised over $8,100, with more than a day left of gameplay.

The gamers are using and from what I’m seeing now, have about 700 viewers. They’ve done local radio and TV shows along with showing the Twitter feed with the hashtag #mariomarathon actively encouraging people to spread the word. It’s a great way to not only help a cool charity, but to promote the gaming community.

Donations can be made on the site itself for as little as $5 (Toadstool Level) to $100 (Mario Level).

Last weekend I was cleaning up my clogged bookmarks folder as I was preparing to move back to my good computer. One of the links I came across was to WiseStamp, an e-mail signature web site. I had no clue where it came from because I don’t remember bookmarking it. I was happy I checked it out.

It’s great nowadays with all the social media profiles floating around. You can create your e-mail signature and have links to (I believe) up to four sites you belong to.

Personally I’ve been using it this past week when sending out my CVs. Since many communications departments are moving toward hiring people who are familiar with social media, I feel it’s great for me to showcase some of the communities I belong to.

The four I post in my e-mails link to my LinkedIn, WordPress, Twitter and Delicious profiles.

It’s easy to edit as well. Located at the bottom right hand corner of your Firefox window, you can set which signature you want to go in the e-mail. If you’re sending one out to friends, you have the option of using your personal signature, linking to the same or different social media sites.

If you’re taking part online, WiseStamp is clearly a wise choice and yet another excellent way to showcase your personal brand to potential employers. Give it a try and let me know what you think! If you’re already using it, how has it benefited you?

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