RogersLogoThe big news, as many of you may have read or heard, has been my new position as the newest member of Rogers’ Social Media and Digital Communications team. It’s a two-month internship position and I’m nearly done my 2nd week. I’m now the fifth member of the team and from the postings on Rogers’ website, there look to be more social media folk joining in the near future.

I’m very excited about the opportunity, which kind of just fell into my lap. Rogers is committed to “taking the leap”, as it were, and joining the online conversations happening about its many, many brand extensions. The department only began seven months ago, with the hiring of Keith McArthur who, along with Rob Manne, are now the well known faces of Rogers on Twitter. That along with other social media projects make me excited about my time here and all of the potential things I may get to do.

I plan to make the most of my experiences at Rogers and I’ll keep blogging away about the things I’m learning, as I always have – hopefully the frequency will get back to where it should be.