On Monday afternoon, I went out with a few friends and we saw “Funny People” with Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, etc. It was one of the few movies I ever expected to find material to write a post on for my blog, but I did.

Jonah Hill’s character, Leo, is a comedian who is a room mate of Rogen’s character, Ira, and Jason Schwartzman’s character, Mark. In the movie, Leo shows Ira a Youtube video he’s made called “Cute Cuddly Kittens”, well, just watch for yourself:

As Leo shows Ira the video he says something to the effect of, “If you add ‘cute cuddly kittens’ to your YouTube video you’ll get a ton of hits” and then he goes on to explain those viewers will click the link to his website which he’s embedded into his profile page.

That’s a bit of a sneaky way to get hits to your site, but companies do it all the time. Okay, so maybe the title isn’t as popular or appealing but if they’re smart, the descriptions should be searchable. This, along with building it up through word of mouth and content that people find useful in some is what makes a video go “viral”.

This is just one of a few videos and YouTube accounts they’ve created for the movie. Mark has one and so does Aziz Ansari‘s character “Raaaaaaaaaaandy!” (pretty vulgar; you’ve been warned). Here are two samples:

Oh yeah, since I devoted this post to the movie I guess I’ll give a little review. It’s a funny, smart comedy-drama, but it’s very long and drawn out at 2 hours, 26 minutes. I give it 3/5 because of the length.