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For my #HAPPO post I was contemplating how I would go about “pitching” myself, but I didn’t want it to just be a run down of where I’ve been and the projects I’ve done; that’s always available in my About and Resume sections above. What means the most to me when looking for a job is fit; not fitting in like a sheep, but meshing well with those I’ll spend most of my time with.

What I’m looking for

Last year at about this time I wrote a blog post called Brand “Me”. I flushed out the important aspects a prospective employer must have before I make the decision to move forward with the application or the job itself. Here’s a snippet from the post that sums everything up perfectly:

I hope to find a place that will give me plenty of quality experience and one that suits the goals I want to achieve in my career. Hopefully that place will be one that utilizes social media and many other useful instruments on the Internet; a place that has varied portfolios for me to work on to keep things busy and interesting; most importantly, a place that allows for creativity and has a fun, relaxing atmosphere to work in.

Outside of the environment and the tools used, I’m not a big fan of limiting where I work because it’s impossible to fully judge something until you’ve tried it. That being said, I have a leaning toward the consumer-tech sector, but I’m also open to government.

What you’ll find in me

If you’re reading this and have followed me on Twitter, this blog, or my latest and greatest blog, then you may have seen a good chunk of what I’m like in real life, or IRL as they say. If you haven’t, here’s a basic rundown:

  • I base my interactions with others on honesty because I can’t stand people who are fake.
  • I’m a lifelong learner, whether it’s reading blogs on communications best practices, attending industry events, or learning (some would say) useless trivia on Jeopardy.
  • I am a fan of sports and if you’ve seen my Twitter feed, you’ve seen how many Olympics-related posts I’ve done lately. Aside from that I’m an avid Leafs, Raptors and Jays fan, though by no means do I only stick to those teams or sports.
  • Much of my other entertainment comes from reading, movies/TV shows and music. I’m open to all genres as long as it doesn’t end up feeling like a chore to read, watch or listen to.
  • I may or may not require interventions from time-to-time for my addiction to coffee.

If by reading this someone feels I’d make a good fit at an organization, then by all means feel free to contact me by commenting, or send me an email at, and of course there’s always Twitter or LinkedIn.


There’s a never ending amount of posts out there on how to develop your personal brand; the topic seems like it’s been beaten to death. But nowadays, how you define your brand changes a lot quicker so there’s always something to learn.

It’s easy to develop who you are online when you’ve only been active in the space for a few years, like myself, but what about the younger generation that’s growing up with social media at their fingertips? Unless their parents are watching their every move online, and let’s face it many aren’t, kids are going online without thinking of the future.

I don’t expect a 13-year old to think about what his future employer will say about the things he posts, but as he grows older with the comfort of posting his life online, will it be common sense that he knows those drunken pictures or angry blog posts can easily be found, or will the same things need to be taught?

I got to thinking about this after reading a article about Nathalie Blanchard.

As the article points out, Nathalie is fighting with her insurance company to get her sick benefits back. It all had to do with Manulife finding Facebook pictures of her seemingly having fun at a party when she was on sick leave for major depression.

The pictures used to “catch” Natalie were apparently private, and photos like that are supposedly only findable if you know the direct link, even if it’s been deleted off of Facebook, according to the article.

Natalie’s pictures probably weren’t as bad as Manulife is making them out to be. This brings me back to my original point. If a teenager posts questionable photos of themselves but later realize they don’t want those photos out there, is it too late? That content is available long after they’ve been deleted, and could pop up anywhere.

Also, if a potential employer decided to research your online persona, and 45 per cent of them do, according to Harris Interactive, you should really avoid posting about how much you hate your boss or job; common sense really.

So for everyone untagging and deleting photos they don’t like, look out because they’ll always be there. And for those that may be comfortable with posting anything now, down the road your priorities could change and that content could come back to bite you.

Last weekend I was cleaning up my clogged bookmarks folder as I was preparing to move back to my good computer. One of the links I came across was to WiseStamp, an e-mail signature web site. I had no clue where it came from because I don’t remember bookmarking it. I was happy I checked it out.

It’s great nowadays with all the social media profiles floating around. You can create your e-mail signature and have links to (I believe) up to four sites you belong to.

Personally I’ve been using it this past week when sending out my CVs. Since many communications departments are moving toward hiring people who are familiar with social media, I feel it’s great for me to showcase some of the communities I belong to.

The four I post in my e-mails link to my LinkedIn, WordPress, Twitter and Delicious profiles.

It’s easy to edit as well. Located at the bottom right hand corner of your Firefox window, you can set which signature you want to go in the e-mail. If you’re sending one out to friends, you have the option of using your personal signature, linking to the same or different social media sites.

If you’re taking part online, WiseStamp is clearly a wise choice and yet another excellent way to showcase your personal brand to potential employers. Give it a try and let me know what you think! If you’re already using it, how has it benefited you?

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