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Anne Frank was in the news on Friday thanks to a short video of her released earlier in the week.

On September 30, the Anne Frank House created the museum’s official YouTube channel. The channel posts unique videos, images and interviews to give people a more in depth look at the life of Anne Frank. It’s a great use of social media as it allows people from all over the world to take part and share their own thoughts on Anne’s story. It shouldn’t be any shock that YouTube is supporting this project.

“YouTube is keen to support the project because of the importance of making this content easily available to the wider public,” according to Mascha Driessen, Head of YouTube and Display Google in the Netherlands. “We hope this YouTube channel will help broaden the reach of the Anne Frank House, its educational power and its message of tolerance.” (quote c/o Anne Frank House.)

Anne just appeared for a brief moment or two but seeing her in her newlywed neighbours’ video gave me an eerie but intriguing glimpse into who she was. Thanks to its release, I’ll be picking up the book (I’ve already seen the movie). The video added something real to her; it’s almost too hard to put into words, but it made me interested to know even more about her.

To show how the power of the Internet is something no one should ignore, when the Star article was posted on Friday, it boasted that the video had been “viewed more than 300,000 times.” Well, as of my posting, it’s been viewed nearly 1.6 million times.


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