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Anne Frank was in the news on Friday thanks to a short video of her released earlier in the week.

On September 30, the Anne Frank House created the museum’s official YouTube channel. The channel posts unique videos, images and interviews to give people a more in depth look at the life of Anne Frank. It’s a great use of social media as it allows people from all over the world to take part and share their own thoughts on Anne’s story. It shouldn’t be any shock that YouTube is supporting this project.

“YouTube is keen to support the project because of the importance of making this content easily available to the wider public,” according to Mascha Driessen, Head of YouTube and Display Google in the Netherlands. “We hope this YouTube channel will help broaden the reach of the Anne Frank House, its educational power and its message of tolerance.” (quote c/o Anne Frank House.)

Anne just appeared for a brief moment or two but seeing her in her newlywed neighbours’ video gave me an eerie but intriguing glimpse into who she was. Thanks to its release, I’ll be picking up the book (I’ve already seen the movie). The video added something real to her; it’s almost too hard to put into words, but it made me interested to know even more about her.

To show how the power of the Internet is something no one should ignore, when the Star article was posted on Friday, it boasted that the video had been “viewed more than 300,000 times.” Well, as of my posting, it’s been viewed nearly 1.6 million times.


On Monday afternoon, I went out with a few friends and we saw “Funny People” with Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, etc. It was one of the few movies I ever expected to find material to write a post on for my blog, but I did.

Jonah Hill’s character, Leo, is a comedian who is a room mate of Rogen’s character, Ira, and Jason Schwartzman’s character, Mark. In the movie, Leo shows Ira a Youtube video he’s made called “Cute Cuddly Kittens”, well, just watch for yourself:

As Leo shows Ira the video he says something to the effect of, “If you add ‘cute cuddly kittens’ to your YouTube video you’ll get a ton of hits” and then he goes on to explain those viewers will click the link to his website which he’s embedded into his profile page.

That’s a bit of a sneaky way to get hits to your site, but companies do it all the time. Okay, so maybe the title isn’t as popular or appealing but if they’re smart, the descriptions should be searchable. This, along with building it up through word of mouth and content that people find useful in some is what makes a video go “viral”.

This is just one of a few videos and YouTube accounts they’ve created for the movie. Mark has one and so does Aziz Ansari‘s character “Raaaaaaaaaaandy!” (pretty vulgar; you’ve been warned). Here are two samples:

Oh yeah, since I devoted this post to the movie I guess I’ll give a little review. It’s a funny, smart comedy-drama, but it’s very long and drawn out at 2 hours, 26 minutes. I give it 3/5 because of the length.

As an assignment for my Online PR course at Centennial College, I worked with two classmates, Andrea Sluga and Kyla Drewette to create our podcast on Government & Social Media. Please enjoy our first foray into the world of podcasting for PR (click the link below to listen and/or download (if you use a mac you have to download it).):

Government & Social Media

Comments? Leave us a message here, and please drop by Andrea’s and Kyla’s blogs when you’re done listening.

On Three PR Students and a Mic: Sean Bailey and Kyla Drewette have a conversation with Mike Kujawski, a social media strategist for the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing, about government and its use of social media.

00:07: Sean and Kyla open the show.

00:18: Kyla introduces Mike Kujawski and the topic discussion.

00:33 Sean throws to their conversation with Mike at PodCamp Toronto 2009.

00:43 Mike discusses his educational background and explains it was his university marketing professor, Jim Mintz (former director of Health Canada), that got him started in his social media marketing career.

02:37 Mike defines the term “social media marketing” as an ongoing process that involves the audience in all stages of that process.

04:13 Sean talks to Mike about his involvement in emerging social media government campaigns. Mike mentions his priorities with government clients are to give them a basic awareness of social media tools and provide them with hands-on training.

06:26 Kyla and Mike chat about the major hurdle Mike has faced in implementing social media marketing campaigns: the official languages act!

07:24 Sean asks Mike about what initiatives he has on the go currently.

08:39 Mike mentions that he is currently working with Lee LeFever, of the “RSS in Plain EnglishYouTube videos, to develop a emergency kit video for his latest client, Public Safety Canada.

09:46 Mike and Sean agree the use of social media tools in government campaigns is a great way for officials to be cost-effective while still engaging the general public.

10:12 Mike explains to Kyla how social media marketing campaigns target audiences.

11:46 Sean learns from Mike that convincing government officials to use social media marketing in their campaigns is easy, thanks to user statistics on popular sites, such as Facebook and YouTube.

12:22 Kyla discovers that Mike’s first social media marketing campaign was with Canadian Heritage almost five years ago.

12: 40 Mike explains his reasons for starting the government’s own best practices wiki.

13:35 Kyla and Sean learn the main purpose of the government wiki is to break down the silos to create a central information source that everyone can easily access and use.

14:25 Kyla tells Mike she enjoys being able to access the government wiki too because she likes to know what is going on with the different levels of government.

14:32 Mike concludes that secondary audiences are a big part of the reason for creating the government wiki. He shares that he enjoys being a part of the creation process, sharing information with the world via the Internet and building his credibility in this way.

15:28 Sean and Kyla thank Mike for the discussion.

15: 35 Kyla and Sean close the show by thanking the listeners, Mike Kujawski and Andrea Sluga, the show’s producer.

This week’s theme music is Talk by Coldplay from their X & Y album.

This week’s episode was produced by Andrea Sluga.

Please feel free to check out the visual of Mike’s session on Government 2.0 at PodCamp Toronto.

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